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This a previous, archived Slint website.
The Slackware Internationalization Project


Note The Changelog retracing changes that occurred before 27/09/2014 is here.
Date Changes


The user is proposed to create regular users at end of installation.
"Full" ISO images (containing all packages shipped in the Slackware DVD ISO image in addition to the Slint installer) are available here
Dutch is now available, thanks to Dik Leenheer and Eric Hameleers.
The installers and packages now install some documentation in /usr/doc/slint-<version>-<date>, including a Slint-HOWTO.txt and a script reinstall-slackware-packages.sh.
Instructions to choose the language for installation are now provided directly in the greeting screen of the installers.


Swedish is now available, thanks to Ingemar Karlsson. Blind people can now use Slint installers (version 14.1) without help using a Braille terminal, thanks to Philippe Delavalade for testing and suggesting enhancements.
The software brltty that allows to use a Braille terminal during installation is also shipped and configured in the installed system, that can thus be fully run and managed from a Braille terminal.
dialog’s program configuration file and dialog commands that display a menu or check-list have been modified, mostly to ease usage of a Braille terminal and also to customize the look of the dialog boxes.
Several translations of files in the installers, man pages and administrative tools have been added, reviewed and corrected, and the Slint packages have been rebuilt accordingly.