Welcome to the new Slint mailing list!


Thanks to the kind folks @ freelists.org the Slint project just got a new mailing list!

Here is a short how-to for using it.

  1. How to subscribe

Just send an email to ecartis@freelists.org from the email address you will use to send messages to the list, with just in the Subject line: join slint

You will then receive an email with this subject:
Subscription consent for 'slint'
Follow the link in it to confirm.
Then, on the web page that will be displayed you will have to check the check boxes on the right of each of these three sentences:
I have read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Service
I have read, understand, and agree to the Privacy Policy
I am the owner or authorized user of <your email address>
and press the Next button.

You will receive a new email confirming your subscription. This is just an information, you do not have to click on the link it will include.

You may then post to slint@freelists.org

  1. To post a message to the list (subscribed users only):

Just send the message to slint@freelists.org. Do it from the same address used to register, otherwise your email will be rejected!

  1. How to set or change your subscription options by email:

Subscription options or 'flags' can be set or or unset through email: send an email to ecartis@freelists.org with just the relevant command in the Subject line. Send it from the email address used to subscribe, otherwise the command won't work!

To get the list of most used commands send a message at the same address with just in the Subject line: help

Some other commands are available cf.: https://www.freelists.org/wiki/doku.php?id=what_commands

  1. To read the archives, visit: https://www.freelists.org/archive/slint/
  2. A few things to know:
  • All messages will be archived and publicly accessible, and removing a message from the archive won't be allowed, but very exceptionally and then only by the list admin (me, for now). Mind your words and check what you wrote before sending!
  • The archive will be search able.
  • I will try to find a way to make accessible the archives of the previous list (ideally merging it with that of the new one) but am not sure that will be possible.
  • I am not allowed to register users of the previous mailing list, so they will have to register again to this one.

Have a good day,