Pre-testing of Orca with Chromium/Chrome

Thanks to the hard work of Joanmarie Diggs (Joanie) and her colleagues at Igalia, Chrome and Chromium will be soon accessible to the blind using the Orca screen reader, as she announced here:

To try it with Orca, use slapt-get if the repository slint-wip is enabled in /etc/slapt-get/slapt-getrc (the package name is google-chrome-instable), or type:

md5sum -c google-chrome-instable-80.0.3970.5-x86_64-2slint.md5 # The answer should be 'OK'

You will also need the latest Orca package uploaded today in the main repository. So type as root:

slapt-get -u
slapt-get --upgrade

The settings necessary to have speech in Chrome are done installing the package: to test, just (re)start orca then type "chrome" (without the quotes).

Bear in mind that you are preliminary testers: while it is very unlikely that testing breaks your computer, let alone hurt your cat or dog, expect a few bugs. The linked to announce by Joanie mentions the known issues. Also note that Chrome can coexist with the Chromium package by Eric Hameleers from the sbrepos repository, as they are installed in non-conficting locations. But the latter can't speak with Orca yet as it is a previous (but stable) version.

This package conflicts with another installed Chrome: if one is installed, remove it before installing this one.

Happy testing!


PS googler is also available. It allows to google from the command line without ads.