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Packages included in the Slint64-14.2.1 ISO, coming from the Slint repository

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The Slint64-14.2 ISO includes packages coming from two repositories:

A package coming from Slint will replace a package coming from Slackware, regardless of their respective versions.

A * after the package name in the list below indicates that a package of the same name exists in the Slackware repository. Then the rationale for shipping one (different, but in a few cases) from the Slint repository instead is indicated as a comment.

This list of packages is not definitive
aaa_base*Basic Linux filesystem packageCustomized for Slint
accountsserviceD-Bus interface for user account queryUsed to set the default user session for lightdm
asunderGraphical Audio CD ripper and encoderFrom Andrew Smith, also author of isomaster
atrilSimply a document viewerComponent of the MATE desktop, default PDF viewer in Slint
at-spi2-atk*AT-SPI2 bridge to ATKUpgraded for Slint, dependency of orca
at-spi2-core*Assistive Technology Service Provider Interface coreUpgraded for Slint, dependency of orca
atk*Accessibility functions libraryUpgraded for Slint, dependency of orca
bbkeysGeneral XWindow keygrabberShipped as a separate package; not bundled with bbkeys in Slint
BeautifulSoupPython HTML/XML parserDependency of pandoc
bdf2psfConvert fonts from bdf to psf formatAllows to build custom fonts with just the needed glyphs
biconBidirectional ConsoleAllows to display bi-directional text like a mix of Persian and English
blackbox*Blackbox window managerConfigured for Slint
brltty*Braille display daemon: allows blind users to read the screenThe Slint package includes a startup script
cajaFile manager and graphical shell for MATEComponent of the MATE desktop
caja-extensionsSet of extensions for CajaComponent of the MATE desktop
cmarkC implementation of CommonMarkDependency of pandoc
claws-mailA GTK+ based, lightweight, and fast e-mail clientA lot of people prefer it over Mozilla Thunderbird and it is lighter
ConfigParserConfiguration file parser for Python 2Dependency of transifex-client and numpy
ConsoleKit2User, login, and seat tracking frameworkDependency of lxdm
convtagsConvert between DokuWiki and AsciiDocSee this wiki page
depfinderFinds dependencies of Slackware packagesAllows to feed the metadata used for automatic dependencies resolution
dialog*Display dialog boxes from shell scriptsColors customized for Slint
doclifterTranslates documents written in troff macros, like man pages to DocBookEase further conversion of man pages to other formats
dotconfConfiguration Parser LibraryDependency of speech-dispatcher hence orca
dotnewUtility to manage .new system configuration filesHelps to deal with existing versus new configuration files
dotnew-gtkUtility to manage .new system configuration files with GUIHelps to deal with existing versus new configuration files
elilo*Linux Loader for EFI-based platformsWith localized configuration script
emacspeakEmacs speech interfaceEnhance user experience for the blind. See also speechd-el
engrampaArchive manager for MATEVersatile, fits well with the Caja and PCManFM file managers, component of the MATE desktop
eomImage viewerComponent of the MATE desktop
espeakCompact open source software speech synthesizerDependency of emacspeak, espeakup, speechd-el
espeak-ngCompact open source software speech synthesizerDependency of speech-dispatcher
espeakupSpeakup connector for software synthesizerConnects the speakup kernel driver to espeak to provide speech in a console
fakerootProvides a faked root environment suitable for many tasksMakes package building safer
fbautostartFluxbox AutostarterStart applets and show their icon in the tray, used with standalone window managers and lxpanel in Slint
fbtermFast FrameBuffer based TERMinal emulator for linuxHelps display CJK languages on the console
flash-pluginAdobe(R) flashplayer plugin for GNU/LinuxSome web contents still rely on that, alas
fluxbox*Fluxbox window managerConfigured for Slint and built with imlib2 support to include more icons in the menus
fontconfig*Font library and toolsWith localized configuration script
fontforgean outline font editorAwesome font editor. What else?
fvwm*a small and fast virtual window manager for XConfigured for Slint
gdmthe Gnome Display ManagerVersion 2 with few dependencies, accessible with speech through orca
geany-pluginsadditional plugins for GeanyAdd useful features to the geany code and text editor
geanyA text editor using the GTK2 toolkitAllows serious coding although simple enough for text editing, default text editor in Slint
gnome-commonCommon scripts and macros to develop with GNOMEBuild dependency of other packages
gparted*Gnome partition EditorThe version in the Salix and Slackware repositories are older
gpicviewSimple and Fast Image Viewer for XComponent of the LXDE desktop
gpm*General purpose mouse serverWith localized configuration script
grub*The second GNU GRand Unified BootloaderThis version, borrowed to Salix, brings a configuration script
grub-scriptsScripts for the second GNU GRand Unified BootloaderBorrowed to Salix
gslaptGTK version of slapt-getGraphical package manager, allows automatic dependencies resolution
gtksourceviewSyntax highlighting library for GTK+Dependency of pluma and pygtksourceview
gtksourceview3syntax highlighting library for GTK+Dependency of pluma if built against gtk3
gtkspell3GTK3 spell checker interface libraryUsed for spell checking in various applications
guefia GTK+3 frontend for efibootmgrEase editing UEFI firmware boot menus (only in x86_64 ISOs
hardinfoGTK+2 system information and benchmark toolTells you all you want to know about your system
hplip*HP print/scan/fax supportHosted in the Slint repository to avid replacing it by the Salix version with no Qt GUI
hyphenHyphenation libraryDependency of scribus
imlib2Powerful image loading and rendering libraryDependency of firefox in Slint
inkscapeOpen Source vector graphics editorAwesome vector graphics editor
isomasterGUI ISO image editorExtract files from or an ISO, create bootable ISOs. From Andrew Smith, also author of asunder
json-glibSerialization/deserialization support for the JSON formatDependency of engrampa
json-pypure-python implementation of a JSON (Javascript Object Notation Format)Dependency or orca
ktsussGraphical version of suUsed with graphical UIs to run applications with root's privileges
libburnLibrary for reading, mastering and writing optical discsDependency of libisoburn that ships xorriso
libcdrCorelDRAW Import LibraryDependency of inkscape
libetpanlibEtPan is a mail purpose libraryDependency of claws-mail
libfm-extraPCManFM library extrasProvides additional features to PCManFM
libfmpcmanfm libraryDependency of lxpanel, menu-cache and PCManFM
libgnomecanvasPowerful object-oriented display engineDependency of gdm
libgtopSystem Information LibraryDependency of marco, mate-applets, mate-control-center, mate-system-monitor, mate-utils
libgxpsXPS rendering libraryDependency of atril
libisoburnFront end for libraries libburn and libisofsShips xorriso used to build Slint ISOs
libisofsLibrary to create an ISO-9660 filesystemDependency of libisoburn
liblouisBraille translatorUsed to translates orca output to braille
libmatekbdLibrary to manage keyboard configurationDependency of mate-control-center and mate-settings-daemon
libmatemixerMixer library for MATE DesktopDependency of mate-media and mate-settings-daemon
libmateweatherLibrary to access weather informationDependency of mate-applets and mate-panel
libpeasGObject Plugin SystemDependency of eom (Eye of Mate) and pluma
libreofficeFree office suiteVery versatile office suite
libreoffice-extension-ancient-greek-dictionaryModern and Ancient GreekFrom the project, thanks to Dimitris Tzemos
libreoffice-extension-libregreekModern GreekFrom the project, thanks to Dimitris Tzemos
libuniquea library for writing single instance applicationsDependency of lxsesssion
libwebpWebP library and conversion toolsDependency of windowmaker
libwnck3Window Navigator Construction KitDependency of mate-notification-daemon, mate-panel, mate-system-monitor
lightdmA lightweight display managerShipped in Slint alongside kdm, gdm, lxdm, and xdm. Use only one at a time…
lightdm-gtk-greeterA GTK+ greeter for LightDMThis greeter is accessible with speech through orca
lightdm-gtk-greeter-settingsSettings editor for LightDM GTK+ GreeterAccessible with speech
lilo*Linux LoaderWith localized configuration script
lxappearanceSimple GTK theme switcherComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxc*Linux ContainersShipped in Slint with a specific Slackware template for privileged and unprivileged containers
lxde-commonSet of default configurations for LXDEComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxde-icon-themeThe LXDE Icon Theme based on nuoveXT2Component of the LXDE desktop
lxdmGUI login manager for LXDEUsed in Slint as default display manager
lxinputInput settings for LXDEComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxlauncherApplication launcher for netbooksComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxmenu-dataDesktop menus for LXDEDependency of lxpanel, component of the LXDE desktop
lxpanelNETWM/EWMH compliant lightweight x11 desktop panelPanel used with all standalone window managers in Slint, component of the LXDE desktop
lxrandrLXDE monitor config toolComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxsessionLXDE session managerComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxsession-editSession autostart managerComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxshortcutApplication shortcut editorComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxtaskSimple task manager for LXDEComponent of the LXDE desktop
lxterminalLXDE terminal emulatorComponent of the LXDE desktop
man*Format and display the on-line manual pagesActually man-db, allows better display of CJK man pages.
marcoLightweight GTK based Window ManagerComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-appletsMATE Panel AppletsComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-backgroundsSet of backgrounds packaged for MATEComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-calcCalculator applicationComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-colors-icon-themeExtensive set of icon themesComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-commonCommon scripts and macros to develop with MATEComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-control-centerUtilities to configure the MATE desktopComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-desktopThe MATE Desktop environmentComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-icon-themeExtensive set of icon themesComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-icon-theme-faenzaSet of icons for the MATE desktopComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-mediaMATE media utilitiesComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-menusMATE Menu LayoutComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-notification-daemonNotification daemon for MATEComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-panelGTK+2 Panel for MATEComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-power-managerPower manager for the MATE desktopComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-sensors-appletHardware sensors applet for MateComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-session-managerThe MATE Session ManagerComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-settings-daemonThe MATE settings daemonComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-system-monitorProcess viewer and system resource monitorComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-terminalTerminal emulator for the MATE desktopComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-themesThemes for the MATE desktopComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-user-shareUser level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTPComponent of the MATE desktop
mate-utilsMATE desktop utilitiesComponent of the MATE desktop
menu-cacheLightweight replacement of libgnome-menuDependency of libfm, lxlauncher, lxpanel and pcmanfm, component of the LXDE desktop
mkfontdir*X11 font utilityIncludes localized script setup.04.mkfontdir
mltermMlterm is a multilingual terminal emulator on X11Properly handle bidirectional text with left or right line alignment (implementation of the bidi algorithm)
mozilla-firefox*Safe and easy web browser from MozillaThis package includes many locales
mozilla-thunderbird*Mozilla Thunderbird mail applicationThis package includes many locales
mozoEasy MATE menu editing toolComponent of the MATE desktop
murrineGTK+2 Cairo EngineAllows to implement the Murrine theme
murrine-themesThemes of the Murrine EngineUsable on several graphical environments
nano*Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico cloneThis package's version brings valuable enhancements, like displaying line numbers
network-manager-applet*NetworkManager AppletThis packages provides more features than the Slackware package
network-scripts*Scripts to configure a networkWith localized configuration script
numpyscientific computing with PythonDependency of inkscape
nvme-cliNVM-Express user space tooling for LinuxNVM-Express is a fast, scalable host controller interface designed to address the needs for PCI Express based solid state drives. nvme-cli allows to query and set the nvme controllers.
orc*The Oil Runtime CompilerDependency of atril, geany, parole
orcaScreen readerProvides speech and braille (through brlapi) to most graphical environments in Slint
pamPluggable Authentication ModulesDependency of lightdm
pandocMarkup conversion toolAble to convert from/to a lot of documentation formats. Rebuilt of a binary packages as building it needs a haskell distribution
parolea modern media player for XfceSimple and good enough, see also eom
pcmanfmPCMan File ManagerDefault file manager for Slint for standalone window managers in Slint, component of the LXDE desktop
pcre2Perl 5-style regular expressions. 2nd versionDependency of vte3 hence mate-terminal
perl-Encode-EUCJPASCIIAn eucJP-open mappingOptional dependency of po4a
perl-Encode-HanExtraExtra sets of Chinese encodingsOptional dependency of po4a
perl-Encode-ISO2022JISO/IEC 2022 character encoding schemeDependency of perl-Encode-JISX0213 and optionally of po4a
perl-Encode-JISX0213JIS X 02I3 encodingOptional dependency of po4a
perl-MIME-CharsetCharset InformationDependency of po4a
perl-Module-BuildCompatibility with ExtUtils::MakeMakerDependency of po4a
perl-Text-CharWidthColumn ComputerDependency of po4a and perl-Text-WrapI18N
perl-Text-WrapI18NLine wrapping moduleDependency of po4a
perl-Unicode-LineBreakUAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking AlgorithmOptional dependency of po4a
perl-inc-latestUse bundled modulesDependency of perl-Module-Build
pkgtools*The Slackware package maintenance systemWith localized configuration scripts
plumaPowerful text editor for MATESimple but allows some coding and includes a spell checker.
po4aPO documentation format converterAllows to use the gettext suite for various document formats. Used in Slint to ease man pages translation
podofoLibrary to work with the PDF file formatDependency of scribus
portaudioPortable cross-platform Audio APIDependency of espeak, to allow coexistence of espeakup in console mode and orca in graphical mode without starting pulseaudio system wide
potraceBitmap utilityDependency of inkscape
py3cairoSet of Python bindings for the cairo graphics librarydependency of py3gobject hence orca
py3gobjectGObject bindings for Python 3Dependency of libpeas, and pyatspi hence orca
py3xdgPython library to access standardsDependency or orca
pyatspiPython bindings for AT-SPI2Dependency of orca
pygtksourceviewPython wrapper for the gtksourceviewDependency of pluma
pysimpleconfigSimple configuration file management in pythonDependency of sourcery and salix-codecs-installer-gtk (GUI for salix-codecs-installer)
python-lxmlPython bindings for libxml2 and libxsltDependency of BeautifulSoup, inkscape and pandoc
python-sixPython 2 and 3 compatibility utilitiesDependency of transifex-client
python-urllib3(HTTP library for pythonDependency of transifex-client
python3New high-level scripting languageDependency of many software in Slint
python3-distutils-extrapython libraryBuild time dependency of setup-tools
pyxdgPython library to access standardsDependency of qcontrolcenter and xgdmenumaker
qcontrolcenterEasily customizable Control CenterBack end of the Slint Dashboard
qtatspiQt AT-SPI2 bridgeAllows to provide speech to some Qt apps with orca
salix-codecs-installerInstalls restricted multimedia codecsGives access to a lot of media otherwise unusable
salix-update-notifierTray notification for package updatesUsed in Slint, started by fbautostart with standalone window managers
salixtools-gtkGraphical system utilitiesUtilities useful in Slint, available from the applications menus and the Slint Dashboard
salixtoolsVarious system utilitiesUtilities uses in Slint for most administrative tasks
scribusOpen-source professional page layout programAwesome and simple to use
sed*stream editorThis package's version brings valuable enhancements, that should make it faster in some cases
shadow*Shadow password suiteLocalized script “adduser” and logins.def edited to include the user name in the password prompt
slackpkg*Package manager front-end of the Slackware ((R) package tools with internet accessIncludes localized man pages, also provided to Slackware
slackware-docsMisc documents gathered from Slackware (R)Easy access to documents also relevant for Slint
slapt-getApt like system for Slackware (R) package managementMain package manager for Slint
slapt-srcSlapt slackbuild utilityAllows to download the needed stuff, build and install packages from SlackBuilds and SLKBUILD
slint-control-centerSlint DashboardGives an easy access to programs useful in all desktops and windows managers
slint-docsMisc documents about SlintGathers miscellaneous documents useful for Slint users and contributors
slint-miscMiscellaneous Slint stuffThis package provide default mime settings, wallpapers and utilities specifically written for Slint
slint-translationsTranslations of configuration scripts' messagesThis package can be be upgraded at any time to bring enhancements, more translations and translations in new languages.
slint-user-settingsDefault user settings for SlintProvides consistent root menus and panel layouts for Blackbox, Fwwm, Fluxbox, TWM, WindowMaker and Xfce
slkbuildArch-like wrapper script for easy packagingEases building packages in Slackware format
sourceryGTK+2 frontend to slapt-srcGraphical UI for slapt-src
speech-dispatcherText to speech programBridge between orca and espeak-ng in Slint
speechd-elEmacs client to speech synthesizers and Braille displaysEnhance user experience for the blind. See also emacspeak
spiSalix Package Installer, command line tool that acts as a wrapper around slapt‑get and slapt‑src.Finds available packages and SlackBuilds, built if necessary and installed including dependencies
spkgPackage managerBuild it needs glib2 built with ‑‑enable‑static and judy without ‑‑disable‑static
sysvinit-scripts*The basic scripts used to boot your machineScripts adapted to Slint
tmux*Terminal multiplexerWith UTF-8 support
transifex-clientCommand line client for TransifexEase transfer or translation files to/from the Transifex platform, used by Slint
twm*Tab Window Manager for the X Window SystemConfigured for Slint
txt2tagsDocument generatorConverts text files with a simple syntax to man pages
urlgrabberHigh-level cross-protocol url-grabber for pythonNeeded by salix-codecs-installer-gtk (GUI for salix-codecs-installer)
v4l-utils*libraries and utilities for video4linuxThe Salix package has no Qt GUI, thus we host the Slackware version in the Slint repository
valaCompiler for the GObject type systemBuild dependency of other packages
viewniorimage viewerSimple, doesn't get in the way
vte3terminal emulator widgetDependency of mate-terminal
windowmaker*a fast and elegant window managerConfigured for Slint
wm-logoutpresents a logout dialogUsed in Slint to allow halting or rebooting as regular user with standalone window managers
wpa_supplicant*WPA/WPA2/IEEE 802.1X SupplicantThe Salix package has no Qt GUI, thus we host the Slackware version in the Slint repository
x11-skel*Miscellaneous things required for XWith localized configuration scripts
xdgmenumakergenerates xdg menusUsed to include similar application menus in root menus of blackbox, fluxbox, fvwm, twm, windowmaker
xterm*terminal emulator for XBuilt with a toolbar, aka menu bar
yelp-toolsdocumentation checkerBuild-time dependency of (?)
yelp-xslstylesheet for YelpDpenbdnecy iof yelp-tool
zenityDisplay graphical dialog boxes from shell scriptsDependency of salix-update-notifier
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