The files in this directory are intended to better handle installation
on and monitoring of NVM-Express devices of Slackware and derivatives.

All this is intended for Slackware64-14.2 only. 

1) If you want to apply the modifications yourself, apply the patches:
_ probe_nvme.diff to /sbin/probe in the initrd (Slackware version 14.2)
_ set_EFI.diff to /usr/lib/setup in the initrd (Slackware version 14.2)
_ eliloconfig.diff to /usr/sbin/eliloconfig (Slackware version 14.2)

2) If you just want to install and trust me enough you can instead:
a) download the file fake_slackware64-14.2-4.iso
b) check its integrity with fake_slackware64-14.2-4.iso.md5
c) write it on an USB stick
d) have at hand a genuine Slackware installation media
d) insert the USB stick then reboot and begin the installation as ususal
e) at the SOURCE step, choose a source the Slackware installation media
f) proceed to the rest installation, including the CONFIGURE step, as
   you would do with a genuine Slackware
The new ISO has been updated in such a way that patching yourself the
script eliloconfig at end of installation is no more  necessary: this is
now done by the installer itself.  

The files in ../nvme-cli allow to build packages for nvme_cli.
They are those used to build the packages provided for Slint version 14.2
so some adaptation of the SlackBuild is needed for inclusion in

Alternatively you can directly use the package provided here

Also, the version 1.2 is now available but I have not tested it.
Upstream website:

EDIT: new ISO, setup modified instead of slackinstall, now the patch to
eliloconfig is applied.

Didier Spaier, last updated Saturday 21 August 2017

Cf. this thread:

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