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How-to install Slint with a Braille terminal or screen reader.

WARNING: brltty does NOT work during the installation with the current 64-bit ISO (works with the 32-bit IS0). This will be fixed in Slint 14.2-rc2

The Slint ISO images include the brltty software, allowing blind people to install then use the system with a Braille terminal, also known as a screen reader.

First read the page that tells how-to get and install Slint.

Then download the ISO image, use it to make a bootable DVD or USB stick, boot off that media.

When you hear a 'beep', first select the language that you want to use during installation, then complete the command line with the parameters for brltty. Note: if you install the 64-bit version you won't hear a 'beep'. Then, wait 30 seconds or so before choosing the language.

To select the language, press the “down” arrow key n times, the number n being indicated below:
Dutch 0 (the cursor is initially positioned on this line)
English (USA) 1
French 2
German 3
Greek 4
Italian 5
Norwegian 6
Polish 7
Portuguese (Brazil) 8
Portuguese (Portugal) 9
Russian 10
Spanish (Latin America) 11
Swedish 12
Turkish 13
Ukrainian 14

press [Tab] to display the command line
press [space]
type the parameters in the form:
brltty=<driver code>,<device>,<text table>.

For instance to install with a Papenmeier device connected through USB with a French text table, press [space] then:
then press [Enter]

Be aware that at this step only an English (USA) keyboard map is loaded, so you need to know where are the corresponding keys on your keyboard.

A few seconds after pressing [Enter] the startup messages should be displayed on the Braille terminal.

Your settings will be recorded in the installed system in /etc/brltty.conf, and brltty will be launched at startup by default, unless you make the file /etc/rc.d/rc.brltty non executable, typing: chmod 0644 /etc/rc.d/rc.brltty

Also, if you plug in a Braille terminal connected through USB when the system is running, it should become operational as relevant udev rules should launch a brltty daemon with the proper driver.

A comprehensive manual for brltty is available in English, French and Portuguese in several formats including plain text (txt) at this URL:

Feel free to contact me (Didier Spaier) for support:

I will be more than happy to help if I can (English and French spoken).

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