*** The files here are provided for testing purposes only. ***


slint64-14.2alpha3.iso replaces slint64-14.2alpha2.iso.

Its lighter (109M) and you can now test also the LiLo menu in Legacy
(aka BIOS) mode, that I tried to make looking similar to the one shown
in UEFI mode (although I couldn't get the same colors yet, still trying).

Also the help screen looks similar in both modes, with the same color
scheme in both modes.

Thanks for testing and your feedback.


23/05/2016: Let me keep you busy while you wait Slackware-14.2 ^:)

The file slint64-14.2alpha2.iso is an installer for upcoming Slint-14.2,
without the packages. Please try it up to the 'setup' menu in UEFI mode:
it boots with elilo, not grub, and I need to know how that goes before
uploading a complete ISO (including all packages).

Caveat emptor: loading the initrd takes _a_lot_ of time so please be
patient. Expect more than 30 seconds on bare metal (more than 1min30s
on a VirtuaBox virtual machine here).

Please Slackers report your findings in the LQ thread that leaded you
there, Salixers on IRC when I am listening.

Thanks in advance.

Didier Spaier.
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[ISO]slint64-14.2alpha2.iso2016-06-16 14:05 111M 
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[ISO]slint64-14.2alpha3mini.iso2016-05-25 23:26 109M 
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[ISO]slint64-current-sleep-mini.iso2016-06-02 18:33 110M 
[TXT]slint64-current-sleep-mini.iso.md52016-06-02 18:33 65  
[ISO]slint64-current-sleep-xhci-hcd.iso2016-06-03 22:59 110M 
[TXT]slint64-current-sleep-xhci-hcd.iso.md52016-06-03 22:59 69  
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