*** The files here are provided for testing purposes only. ***

The stuff in slint-current/ is intended for translators and other
contributors to the Slint project. 

The stuff in slint64-14.1_syslinux.6.03/ is provided to test an insteller
using syslinux.6.03 for both UEFI and Legacy (aka BIOS) booting.

The stuff in slint64-current_goofiboot/ is provided to test an installer
using goofiboot 50 for UEFI booting.

The stuff in slint64-current_EFI-STUB/ is provided to test an installer
using just an EFI STUB (no bootloader) for UEFI booting.


23/05/2016: Let me keep you busy while you wait Slackware-14.2 ^:)

The file slint64-14.2alpha2.iso is an installer for upcoming Slint-14.2,
without the packages. Please try it up to the 'setup' menu in UEFI mode:
it boots with elilo, not grub, and I need to know how that goes before
uploading a complete ISO (including all packages).

Caveat emptor: loading the initrd takes _a_lot_ of time so please be
patient. Expect more than 30 seconds on bare metal (more than 1min30s
on a VirtuaBox virtual machine here).

Please Slackers report your findings in the LQ thread that leaded you
there, Salixers on IRC when I am listening.

Thanks in advance.

Didier Spaier.
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