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The Slackware Internationalization Project


Note The Changelog retracing changes that occurred before 19/12/2013 is here.
Date Changes


Settings for Turkish (locale tr_TR.utf8) to ./data/locales/SeTLocales have been added.
Greek manual pages for slackpkg{,.conf} have been added.
Greek translation of slint.sh has been added.
Few fixes in translations have been made.
New script ./build/make_packages makes a unique package containing all internationalized stuff and translations, instead of packages replacing genuine ones.
Slint’s website has been restructured.


Typo fixed in ./data/locales/SeTLocales (thanks to Min Zhang).
Unused directory removed from the slint package.
Greek translation of the installer and admin scripts added (Thanks to George Vlahavas).
Translations of slint.sh added (Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian).
Translations of manual pages for pkgtools added (Turkish, Ukrainian).
Translations of manual pages for slackpkg added (Ukrainian).
Translations of the old home pages added or updated (German, Polish, Turkish, Ukrainian).
More translations of the new web pages.


Translations of manual pages for slackpkg added (Turkish).


The Slint installers are now translated to Turkish and Portuguese (Portugal), thanks to Kemal ├ľkmen and Hugo Carvalho.
New localized man pages are included in package pkgtools: it, pt_PT
New localized man pages are included in package slackpkg: it, pt_PT
New translations of the script slint.sh: id, it, pt_PT
To allow introduction of pt_PT, pt is renamed pt_BR as needed in relevant files and directories.
Updated localized man pages are available: installpkg (tr), makepkg (de)
Following files are no more localized, as user won’t see or can’t do anything about messages displayed during installation : /etc/rc.dropbear /etc/rc.udev /etc/rc.usb /sbin/probe
Changes in slint/data/locales/SeTlocales: typos corrected, settings added for Bulgarian, Chinese, Portuguese (Portugal), selection of a true type font per locale added to prepare introduction of translations in ideographic languages.
/etc/rc.S have been fixed to display the good Slackware version in welcome message of all installers (thanks to Miguel De Anda for the bug report).
Installers' config files have been fixed to properly set the SLACK_KERNEL parameter in all command lines.
More translations of the new web pages.


Minor changes to translations, mostly formatting enhancement of text displayed before running setup.
Usage of syslinux-nomtools (renamed syslinux) in version 14.1 to make USB boot sticks during configuration, as mtools-4 bundled with syslinux 4.0.6 shipped in Slackware 14.1 installers fails by lack of /usr/lib{,64}/gconv/IBM850.so needed for Unicode conversion to the codepage (850 is the default).
man pages for packages pkgtools and slackpkg in Portuguese (pt_PT) reviewed.
slint.sh translated to Chinese (zh-CN).